The Journey begins

Thanks for joining me!

Welcome to my first ever blog. I’m honestly not sure what I want to write. I just know that I want a place where I can express and create. I guess It’ll be a self therapy space that strangers on the internet can read and comment on. I have no idea whether anyone will even read it and I’m not going to lie to myself by promising that I’ll upload regularly because if I’m being honest, I’m more scatty than a squirrel on drugs and I should’ve won an award years ago for worlds best procrastinator. I could try to set myself some goals, make a plan of what the blogs will be about etc. but every time I set myself a goal and inevitably fail, I feel like a massive bum so instead, I think I’ll go for the free-spirited approach where I literally just write down what I’m thinking and hope for the best!? At least then, if, or should I say when, I manage to forget all about the blog or get bored and start another project, I  won’t feel like so much of a disappointment. Aw, how depressing. So, what I was trying to say is, I’m sorry if my blogs are a bit all over the place but you’ll get used to it. Also, sorry if there’s any grammatical errors. Although I’m educated (believe it or not) I’m a sucker for proofreading.

‘Life is like the ocean. Just wait for the next wave of change’ – random quote I like to live by.

Right. I guess I should tell you a bit about me.

My name’s Natalie, I’m 18 years of age and I live in the UK. I’m mixed race – clash of Irish, English, Scottish and Jamaican. I’m a vegetarian, working towards becoming a vegan but it’s hard since my favourite food is chocolate. (I could eat Cadbury fruit and nut until it started spilling from my eyeballs and I’d still want more.)
I have 4 sisters, 4 brothers but I only see 37.5% of these siblings (yes, I turned it into a percentage) as some of them live abroad and some of them have different mothers. It’s complicated.
My number one goal in life is to travel and it has been since I was like 8 years old. I’m just terrified by the thought of leading a boring, pointless existence. You know, getting up at 6 every day to go to a boring job that I hate, to earn money so that I can just exist. so that I can just be alive rather than live. I don’t want to live the standard, ‘Tesco’s own brand’ life that’s been set out by societies standards and rules. I don’t want to just work, work, work, have kids and die. I want the see the world, experience as much as I can and leave my mark on the world. I don’t quite know how I’ll get there yet but I’ll figure something out. The system definitely makes it harder for people to have their own minds and I think that that’s exactly how the people at the top like it. I’m rambling and have gone way off the ‘a bit about me’ subject, so I’ll save all my rambles for another blog.

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My personality type is INFP (the mediator), which I’m pretty proud of actually. Apparently we make up just 4% of the population, so shout to all my INFP buds out there!
I’m very introverted, so prefer to have a small group of close friends because being around too many people seriously drains my energy.

I don’t have many hobbies as like I said before, I’m not great at sticking to one thing. However, I absolutely love reading, watching movies and listening to music. I’m currently an art student so that takes up a lot of my time as well. I enjoy acting as I like taking on other characters because who doesn’t like taking a break from themselves? I was in drama club in secondary school before (surprise surprise) I got bored and would really like to join a club again so maybe I’ll join one and blog it. Hmmm.
An interesting fact about me is that I did stripping for like 3 months until I got bored. I’ll definitely create a blog on this experience as it’s one that I most likely will never forget and most people will probably have a few questions on.
Also, a little less interesting but I also really like the idea of WWOOfing ( working for food and accommodation so that you can travel) and actually did a week of it one summer and plan to do it again somewhere exotic sometime soon. Again, I think I’ll do a blog on this as more people should know about it as it’s a really amazing thing to do.
I’m struggling what else I should write about myself so here’s a few questions I looked up to answer:

Favourite actor? : James Franco because as well as being an amazing actor, just look at that face. God damn. 

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 Go to drink?:  I’m a basic b**** when it comes to drink and will probably always want a pink gin and lemonade because it tastes real good and comes with strawberries.

Favourite TV series?: That’s really hard as I have about 10 favourites but if I had to pick one, it would have to be ‘This is England’. I just have a connection with that show that I can’t explain. It brought out all sorts of emotions in me, from sobbing while cradling my (now dead) bichon frise to screaming with rage at the screen because of combo. That racist sociopath.
The actors/ actresses are phenomenal and the story lines are just mind-blowing with strong political references. If you haven’t watched it, I highly recommend you do.

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Favourite town or city?: It has got to be London. It just has so much diversity and I really love how you could literally walk down the street wearing nothing but leaves and no one would bat an eyelid.

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(Last question) Favourite music artist?: At the minute it’s either Jorja smith or Samm Henshaw because obviously they make great music but my taste changes all the time so next week it could be slip Knot, you never know.

Anyhow, I really need to get some food so I’ll see you next blog. I don’t really know how to sign off so I’ll just end it mid sente

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